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 Doubters often ask, "If guardian angels are all around us, how come I never see mine or hear the advice it gives?" Dawn C. Athay says anyone can learn to see and hear their guardian angel, and tells us how.


By Dawn C. Athay

I have always believed in guardian angels. After my son was born two years ago, I felt a newfound interest in spirituality, and I began trying to communicate with my guardian angel. I tried prayer, and even a Ouija board, all to no avail. Then I learned about Erica Chopich.
Chopich, a Los Angeles-based counselor, can see, hear, and talk to angels wherever she goes. With just a little practice, her methods can work for anyone who wants to contact the benevolent spirits that guide and protect all of us.
Chopich has seen angels since she was a child. She was taught, however, that her gift was shameful—so she blocked the angels out for 3.5 years. One day, however, her angel appeared to her and told her she must use her ability to help other people. At first she refused. As a doctor of psychology, she said, "I didn't want anybody to think I was nuts." But the angels were relentless. She saw them in shopping malls. She saw them in her sleep. She saw them everywhere. Finally she agreed to do readings for people.
Chopich explained that angels, or "master teachers," as she calls them, are really white light or colored energy. They often take human form, however, so that we can identify with them.
Everyone has a guardian angel who watches over them exclusively, Chopich said. There may be other spirits around us at times, checking on us or helping us, but our guardian angels never leave our side.
Chopich told me quite a bit about angels: Their love for us is divine, so pure that it's hard for us humans to understand, she said. We are the most important thing to them. We could never make them angry. We could never disappoint them. They never judge us. They just love us and try to steer us to the best path.
Every day of our lives, our angels try to put us in situations that will help us. They may put somebody to meet in our path. They might try to steer us to the right books or television shows. They even try to protect us from dangerous people and dangerous circumstances.
Our angels know us inside and out. They know our every thought, and they know what problems we have. They help us with family or work, and some times they delight us with good news to come. They are wise, and they have an answer for every question.
Sometimes, however, they won't answer our questions. That's because we are all students, here on this Earth to learn. Dealing with tough situations helps us grow—and growth is sometimes painful. Sometimes our angels will even test us to see if we have learned from experience.

Our Angels Protect Us
When I first met Chopich, she saw my angel right away, She described him to me: His name is "Michael," and he is very striking to look at. She said he is tall, thin, and powerful looking, with twinkling blue eyes and a quick smile, and full, dark, shoulder-length hair, with just enough grey to make him look very distinguished. He looks about 50 years old, she said.
I couldn't hear or see Michael. But Chopich did. She asked me if my right side was warmer than my left, because Michael was hovering there and stroking my hair. I was disappointed that I could not feel his presence, but she told me that in the future I would be able to, if I began working with him.
Michael was thrilled at the chance to talk with us. In fact, when she first made contact with him, Chopich had to tell him to slow down. Most angels, she said, are so happy to talk to her that they give her more information than she can take in at once.
Michael described some of the ways he had protected me during my lifetime. In return, I told Michael that once, when I tripped and broke my leg, it felt like somebody had pushed me. Michael admitted that he had pushed me, but he said that his push actually kept me from dislocating my hip, which would have been far more serious. I was thrilled to think that I had actually felt my guardian angel.
My husband, a construction worker, also had a reading with Chopich. He asked if his angel, named Daniel, had ever saved him from harm. Daniel laughed and said that he had saved him many, many times, especially at work.
Daniel said, "Remember that day at work when you dropped a tool, but nobody got hurt? That was me." My husband vividly remembered that day. He had dropped a heavy tool from a high ladder and he had jumped down to see if anyone was hurt, apologizing profusely because the tool could have killed anyone it had struck.
Daniel also described the day my husband and I installed new tiles on our roof. It had just started to rain when I looked up and saw my husband slip. I couldn't grab him—I could only scream as he slid down the roof. Just before he plunged off the edge, his fall stopped. There was nothing to stop him. He just stopped. The angel, Daniel, said he had stuck his leg out to stop him.

How to See Your Angel
Chopich said that with practice most of us can learn to see and hear our angels.
Chopich said we hear from our angels often, but we just don't realize it. Angels are very subtle. Often they will put inspirational ideas in our heads. When we accept their guidance, they're happy.
Angels are sad only when we lose our faith in God, or somehow feel unworthy of God's love. During those times, our guardian angels can be a wonderful bridge to God. Each time we pray, our angels pray with us. Our angels constantly encourage us to develop spiritually.
We need to think of guardian angels as our best friends, Chopich said. That includes talking to our angels every day.
Don't try too hard, she said. It's not like praying, for when you pray you close your eyes, concentrate, and send energy to God. If you want to talk to your angel, however, the key is in not trying at all. Keep it light. Praying is energy, but communicating with your angel is frequency. There is a difference. If you try too hard to connect with your angel, your frequency will drop like a rock.
You want to raise your frequency. Your angel will lower his or her frequency so the two of you can connect and communicate. If you raise your frequency even higher, perhaps you can see your angel.
Pick a time of the day when you feel your best. Try to think about your angel while doing little things around the house, like washing dishes, dusting, or mowing the lawn. Keep your thoughts light, almost like a butterfly. Keep your eyes open, because if you close them your frequency will drop. Think of your contact as being like a daydream.
You may start to hear a voice, or feel your angel's presence. You may begin to pick up the ideas your angel puts in your mind. It is all very subtle, but start to listen and eventually you will hear.

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