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 $2.99 eBook - $14.99. Weird Mysteries That Defy the Laws of Science. Do Their Answers Lie In The Unknown World Beyond Our Senses? The fantastic-but-true accounts in this collection happened to real people who were average in every way but one. They had an experience that went beyond the normal and were drawn into the incredible world of the paranormal!
 $2.99 eBook - $14.99 paperback. This book contains 25 true reports of real-life encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural; accounts which are, indeed, stranger than fiction. To read this book is to enter the world of ESP, prophetic dreams, magic, ghosts, poltergeists, miraculous healings, the occult, and the supernormal. You may begin reading this classic collection as a skeptic, but we are sure you will be more of a believer by the time you finish.

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 $2.99 ebook - $14.99 paperback. Oover a dozen other accounts, investigation and in-depth reports on the Ouija board, UFOs, ghosts, remote viewing, poltergeists, Kansas’ sacred sites, the U.S. warship that was saved by an angel, and much more. We believe this brand new entry in the “Strange” series – is in every way the equal of its predecessors. And will prove every bit as entertaining and enlightening as the earlier books are.

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From Wikipedia:

Raymond Arthur Palmer (August 1, 1910 – August 15, 1977) was an American editor of Amazing Stories from 1938 through 1949, when he left publisher Ziff-Davis to publish and edit Fate Magazine, and eventually many other magazines and books through his own publishing houses, including Amherst Press and Palmer Publications. In addition to magazines such as Mystic, Search, and 'Flying Saucers," he published numerous spirtualist books, including Oahspe: A New Bible, as well as several books related to flying saucers, including "The Coming of the Saucers," co-written by Palmer with Kenneth Arnold. Palmer was also a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy stories, many of which were published under pseudonyms.

Personal life

According to Bruce Lanier Wright, "Palmer was hit by a truck at age seven and suffered a broken back." An unsuccessful operation on Palmer's spine stunted his growth (he stood about four feet tall), and left him with a hunchback.
Palmer found refuge in science fiction, which he read voraciously. He rose through the ranks of science fiction fandom and is credited, along with Walter Dennis, with editing the first fanzine, The Comet, in May, 1930.[2]


When Ziff-Davis acquired Amazing Stories in 1938, editor T. O'Conor Sloane resigned and production was moved to Chicago. On the recommendation of popular author Ralph Milne Farley, the editorship was offered to Palmer. In 1939, Palmer began a companion magazine to Amazing Stories titled Fantastic Adventures, which lasted until 1953.
When Ziff-Davis moved its magazine production from Chicago to New York City in 1949, Palmer resigned and, with Curtis Fuller, another Ziff-Davis editor who did not want to leave the midwest, founded Clark Publishing Co.

Science fiction magazines

Palmer's first issue of Amazing Stories introduced a redesigned logo and the unlikely claim "Every Story Scientifically Accurate"

Palmer's short story "Mr. Yellow Jacket" was cover-featured on Other Worlds in 1951

Palmer's novella "The Metal Emperor", his last story published om an sf magazine, was cover-featured on Imaginative Tales in 1955
As an editor, Palmer tended to favor adventurous, fast-moving space opera-type stories. His tenure at Amazing Stories was notable for his purchase of Isaac Asimov's first professional story, "Marooned Off Vesta".
Palmer was also known for his support of the long running and controversial Shaver Mystery stories, a series of stories by Richard S. Shaver. Palmer's support of the truth of Shaver's stories (which maintained that the world is dominated by insane inhabitants of the hollow earth), was controversial in the science fiction community. It is unclear whether Palmer believed the Shaver stories to be true, or if he was just using the stories to sell magazines.
Palmer began his own science fiction publishing ventures while working for Ziff-Davis, eventually leaving the company to form his own publishing house, Clark Publishing Company, which was responsible for the titles Imagination and Other Worlds, among others. None of these magazines achieved the success of Amazing Stories during the Palmer years, but Palmer published Space World magazine until his death.

Paranormality magazines

In 1948, Palmer and Curtis Fuller co-founded Fate, which covered divination methods, Fortean events, belief in the survival of personality after death, predictive dreams, accounts of ghosts, mental telepathy, archaeology, flying saucer sightings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, warnings of death, and other paranormal topics, many contributed by readers.
Curtis Fuller and his wife Mary took full control of Fate in 1955, when Palmer sold his interest in the venture. The magazine has continued in publication under a series of editors and publishers to the present day.
Another paranormal magazine Palmer created along the line of Fate was Mystic magazine, which after about two years of publication became Search magazine.[citation needed]
In the 1970s, Palmer also published Ray Palmer's News Letter which was combined into another of his publications called Forum in March 1975.[4][unreliable source?]

UFO magazine

In the first issue of Fate, Palmer published Kenneth Arnold's report of "flying discs." Arnold's sighting marked the beginning of the modern UFO era, and his story propelled the fledgling Fate to national recognition. Through Fate, Palmer was instrumental in popularizing belief in flying saucers. This interest led him to establish the magazine Flying Saucers.

Spiritual publications

Palmer's avid interest in spirituality and alternative explanations of reality was reflected in his choice of publications. His interest in the Oahspe Bible, led him on a 15-year search for a copy of the original 1882 edition published by Oahspe Publishing Assoc., New York and London. Although a later edited and revised edition was published in 1891 and reprinted over the years, the original 1882 Oahspe Bible was not available until Palmer republished a facsimile of it in 1960. It is often referred to as "The Palmer Edition" or "The Green Oahspe" among Oahspe readers. He continued to publish and reprint later editions to which he added an index and editor's notes. Oahspe was reported by the spiritualist medium John B. Newbrough to have come as automatic writing through his hands on the newly invented typewriter.


The secret identity of DC Comics superhero the Atom - introduced by science fiction writer Gardner Fox in 1961 - is named after Palmer.
A newer edition of Oahspe as a tribute edition to Ray Palmer was published in 2009 titled: Oahspe - Raymond A. Palmer Tribute Edition.
In September 2013, Palmer was posthumously named to the First Fandom Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the 71st World Science Fiction Convention.


25 Mind-Boggling Reports of the Paranormal - Never Before in Book Form

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 In 1965 FATE (founded 1949) released the first book in its bestselling “Strange” series, reprinting many of the publication’s most acclaimed reports of paranormal phenomena selected from its pages. Over the next ten years the “Strange” books sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide. Strange True Encounters & Unearthly Experiences is the first new book in the series in over three decades, and features:

  • Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University on discoveries at Anatolia‘s Gobekli Tepe suggesting civilization is far older than previously believed.
  • Gregory Sams on unfolding evidence that stars may be conscious. Janet Brennan on Europe’s mysterious Black Madonna statues.
  • Martin Cadin, ex-member Federal Aviation Administration, on his personal experiments using telekinesis.
  • Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York, on our ten-dimensional universe and paranormal phenomenon.
  • Journalist Chris Friar on 19th century UFO sightings proving they are not a modern phenomenon.
  • Actor Anthony Quinn on the “profound mystical experience” in the Sinai Desert that changed his life.
  • Plus over a dozen other accounts, investigation and in-depth reports on the Ouija board, remote viewing, poltergeists, Kansas’ sacred sites, the U.S. warship that was saved by an angel, and much more.
  • We believe this brand new entry in the “Strange” series – is in every way the equal of its predecessors. And will prove every bit as entertaining and enlightening as the earlier books did.

(Asked where he got the ideas for his stories, Steven King credited FATE. “My mother used to read me FATE Magazine, which was about the paranormal, flying saucers…all that stuff. I was fascinated.”)

Here is what Amazon readers have to say about classic reprints from FATE:

“A book worth reading. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.”

“FATE always comes through.”

“Well written, short articles on a variety of paranormal events, many of which were unfamiliar to me. Interesting, unfamiliar and competently edited.”

“Good stuff. Reminds us that stories like this have been happening for years. Not just a modern invention. Worth a read.”

“Very good read. 5 stars.”

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“FATE is about UFOs, the paranormal, all that stuff. I find it fascinating!” says Stephen King.

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This book contains 25 true reports of real-life encounters with the paranormal and the supernatural; accounts which are, indeed, stranger than fiction. Drawn from the files of FATE—the magazine Stephen King says gave him many of his “best ideas”, and the world’s leading publication of the strange and unknown—the testimonials in this series come from a wide variety of people, places and decades.

To read this book is to enter the world of ESP, prophetic dreams, magic, ghosts, poltergeists, miraculous healings, the occult, and the supernormal. You may begin reading this classic collection as a skeptic, but we are sure you will be more of a believer by the time you finish.

Here are just a few of the fascinating, thought-provoking reports and personal accounts you will find in this fantastic-but-true book, personally selected by the editors of FATE Magazine:

  • Eye-witness to a Miracle Healing
  • We Heard Voices from the Dead
  • The Exorcist Fought Five Demons for One Woman’s Soul
  • The Navy Blimp Returned to Earth—Minus its Crew
  • The Witches’ Salve
  • The Little Man Who Was Sometimes There
  • ESP Demonstrated in Cross-Country Test
  • Ghost Soldier in Their Attic
  • Two Watches Stopped at the Moment of Death
  • The Poltergeist That Could Write
The World’s Strangest True Encounters is an extraordinary collection of extraordinary tales by those who have encountered the inexplicable, and of first-hand investigations by FATE’s writers into reports of the extraordinary and unexplained.

Wikipedia calls FATE “the longest-running magazine devoted to the paranormal. …it has published expert opinions and personal experiences relating to UFOs, psychic abilities, ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, divination methods, belief in the survival of personality after death, Fortean phenomena, predictive dreams, mental telepathy, archaeology, warnings of death, and other paranormal topics.” FATE is true journalistic pioneer. Launched in 1948, it covered controversial topics like electronic voice phenomena, cattle mutilations, life on Mars, telepathic communication with animals, and UFOs at a time when discussing such things was almost taboo. Recently, FATE celebrated the 67th anniversary of its founding and the publication of its 727thissue, a rare feat of longevity achieved by only a select few U.S. periodicals.

FATE hopes you enjoy the books in FATE's Library of the Paranormal and the Unknown.


From The World's Strangest True Encounters
Vol. 4 in FATE Magazine's Library of the Paranormal 
and the Unknown

Own for just $2.99 !


By Etna Elliott

My husband and I, with our three children, left Portland, Ore., in the hot summer of 1928, to join my parents in the high mountains of California, five miles from Georgetown, where they had purchased a gold mine and were working it together with my uncle Charlie. There were no buildings at the mine and they rented an old farm which was badly in need of repairs. It had been unlived in for several years and my folks spent some time making it livable, so that it was real comfortable by the time we reached there with our family.

During the day, while the men were busy at the mine, Mother and I went to work in the attic, which we reached by a very narrow, steep stairway. We piled old trunks, boxes, a very tiny old-fashioned organ, an old music-box and other discarded articles of the departed family, all in one end of the attic.

As we were working, I suddenly felt as if someone had walked up behind me, but turning I saw nothing but the cobwebs which hung from the peak-roofed ceiling. I told Mother that I had the odd feeling of being watched, but she only looked at me queerly, then talked of other things.

Later on I ran downstairs to get something for Mother. As I came back up the steps someone brushed by me, almost knocking me back down the stairway. Still, I could not see a thing, although I had felt the contact distinctly.

We worked up in the attic for several days before we had it ready for use. During all that time, I felt an unseen presence near me. After what had happened on the stairway, I wouldn’t let my Mother out of my sight and followed at her heels the whole time. We had put two beds side by side in the narrow room, leaving only a two-foot space between them. Then we hung thin lace curtains in the doorway to hide all the things piled in the other end of the attic. And still, air from the two windows at each end could circulate through the area where we were to sleep.

My husband did not like the idea of going up into that hot attic to sleep, so he put his bed under an old apple‑tree near the front porch. Therefore, our small daughter and I slept in one bed and our two boys in the other. That first night I was terribly nervous, so Mother turned the kerosene lamp down low and said, “Just leave it burn if you will feel better.” But even with the light burning I still could feel that unseen presence and I don’t think I slept over five minutes that whole night. I was terribly tired the next day; still I could hardly bring myself to go to bed that next night.

Finally the children could not be kept up any longer and I slowly climbed those steep stairs, with cold chills running up into my hair. I got the children into bed and climbed in beside my little daughter. I forced myself to close my eyes and finally fell asleep, only to be awakened much later by an icy wind blowing over my body.

With my eyes wide open, in the dim light of the kerosene lamp, I saw him!

Standing just outside the lace curtains was a young soldier in uniform. He was tall and straight and looking intently at me as if he were about to speak. The curtains blew out toward me and he started moving in my direction. I screamed and then was unable to move until my parents came dashing up the stairs. I sobbed out what I had seen and I thought there was a look of horror on their faces. My mother slept up in the attic with us the rest of the night, but she wouldn’t talk much about it the next day.

The following night I forced my feet up the stairs. I did not want the children to know how frightened I was. Mother stayed up there with us until the children were asleep and I had become quite calm. I tried to make myself believe that I had imagined the whole thing, and when morning came and there had been no frightening experiences during the night I almost believed this.

A week passed. I was feeling quite safe as we went to bed, and almost at once I fell into a sound sleep, only to be awakened about two o’clock in the morning.

I felt as if someone had shaken me. I sat right up in bed, wide awake and trembling. My body was as cold as ice.

There, sitting on the edge of the other bed, right against my small son, was the same young soldier. He was looking into my face, smiling, and he had his elbow on his knee. He held a hat in his hand, which he was swinging back and forth. I recognized the hat as a soldier’s hat of World War I. It had a wide brim with a heavy, bright cord around the crown. It, or a hat like it, had been hanging in the hall when my parents moved into the house and I had been wearing it as a sun hat since coming to the mines.

Now this ghostly soldier had the same hat in his hand as he smiled at me, his face not over a foot from my own. He leaned toward me, closer and closer!

I have never remembered making a sound but I must have for my parents were soon there. This time I could see the soldier long after they were in the room.

I was weak and trembling for several days after that and my dad put up a cot at the other end of the attic, just outside the lace curtains, and slept there himself every night. So things settled down and I was beginning to think and hope I would not see the soldier again.

When I quietly slipped into bed beside my little daughter on this particular night I felt safe with my dad so near. Turning on my side with my face to the wall, I was soon fast asleep. But sometime in the early morning hours I was suddenly wide awake and again as cold as ice. A large, heavy hand was pressing down on my shoulder. I tried to rise but I was held tight by this pressure. Turning my face up, I found myself looking right into the eyes of the soldier. His face was only inches from mine and I still felt his hand as plainly as I have ever felt the hand of my husband. I felt as if I were dying.

I still think I would have died, and that the soldier would have taken me with him, except that at that very instant my small daughter sat up in bed screaming the most unearthly screams I have ever heard. Still it seemed her screams receded farther and farther from me.

To this day, that child, now a grown woman, thinks a soldier was taking me away.

Her screams, of course, brought Dad and Mother, and my mother had her arms around me before that soldier took his hand from my shoulder.

They finally got me downstairs and in my hysterical condition I managed to make them understand that I wanted the children brought down at once. My dad and husband hurried to do this, and my mother held my little daughter until she cried herself to sleep. We all sat in the kitchen the rest of that awful night.

My husband was very doubtful of what I had seen. He said that he wanted to sleep upstairs the next night and see for himself what was going on. I begged him not to, but he was determined. He went off to bed and the next morning said he had slept fine. This continued for almost a week. Then one night about midnight he came bounding down the stairs, blankets and all. We never could get him to say what he had seen or what had happened. He was very pale and said only that he would never sleep up there again, that this so-and-so house should be burned and the ashes buried.

Then in the bright light of day my parents told us what the old lady had said to them when they rented the house. She had looked at them for a long time and then said, “You are welcome to live in the place if you can stand it!”

Pointing to great piles of rocks all over the place, she continued, “See those rocks? Well, I have piled them just to have something to do, to keep me out of the house. For my husband still lives there, although he has been dead many years.” Then she added, “Yes, and the boys come back too, so I have left the house to them most of the time.”

She explained that her husband had died in a drunken stupor in that house; one of her sons had dropped dead on the back porch; her youngest son had died in the kitchen while having a fist fight with his brother; and her oldest son, a soldier in World War I, had come home after being wounded and died in his sleep in his bed in the attic.

“This house is bad!” she had gone on to say. “But if you can stand to live among them, you are welcome.” Now at last my parents believed her. The men went to work at once and built a large cabin at the mine. My husband and I stayed there only long enough to help my parents move out of that house with its ghostly inhabitants before returning gratefully to our home in Portland.

FATE's Library of the Paranormal and the Unknown is an Amazon Top Ten bestselling paranormal series

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The World's Strangest True Mysteries - second book in the Best of FATE 2,000,000+ copy bestselling "Strange" series

Weird Mysteries That Defy the Laws of Science. 
Do Their Answers Lie In The Unknown World Beyond Our Senses?

FATE's Strange series sold over 2,000,000 copies in the 70s & 80s. Now new audiences are making it a leading title on Amazon Paranormal.

“FATE is about UFOs, the paranormal, all that stuff. I find it fascinating!” says Stephen King.

Now YOU can read the best from its sixty-plus years and 700 issues.

The fantastic-but-true accounts in this collection happened to real people who were average in every way but one. They had an experience that went beyond the normal and were drawn into the incredible world of the paranormal!

  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Ghosts
  • Spiritual Healings
  • UFOs
  • Psychic Powers
  • Witchcraft
  • Hauntings
  • Poltergeists
  • Séances
  • Fire Walking
  • Angels
  • Curses
  • Astral Travel
What are the secrets of these phenomena?

Will science ever understand the world beyond our senses?

You'll find the startling answers in this exciting collection of authenticated articles from the pages of FATE—America's most famous, most widely read magazine dealing with the incredible world of the psychic, paranormal and the occult.

An extraordinary book The World’s Strangest True Mysteries is filled with accounts of extraordinary people and occurrences for which the best minds of science can offer little or no explanation.

“FATE is the best publication of its kind – ever!” —Brad Steiger

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Read Free Real-life Encounters with the Men in Black - From Book "The World's Strangest True Stories"

     The Best of FATE is a new series of books, under the editorship of Phylis Galde, selected from the 700+ issues of the most celebrated magazine dedicated to exploring the paranormal, the mysterious, and the unknown. As Stephen King says, "FATE is fascinating." Titles under The Best of FATE imprint include UFOs and Close Encounters, Psychic Detectives and Psychic Crimes, and Angels and Heavenly Visitations. BoF is also reissuing the magazine's classic, bestselling Library of the Paranormal and the Unexplained (2,000,000+ copies sold), beginning with The World's Strangest True Stories. Below is one of the many "fascinating" accounts found in that book.

Among the weirdest and most controversial phenomena associated with UFOs are the "Men in Black," sinister individuals who allegedly possess intimate knowledge of UFO activity and an unnerving interest in UFO researchers and UFO witnesses. Although it is tempting to dismiss such stories as paranoid fantasies, the fact is that Men in Black have been reported all over the world and that most persons who describe encounters with them seem wholly sane and sincere. Ufologist John A. Keel, who has investigated a number of these cases, tells us what he's learned and what he thinks about them.

The Sinister Men in Black
By John A. Keel

Mysterious cameramen seem to have appeared repeatedly throughout the United States during the summer of 1967 and, according to the testimony of widely scattered witnesses, photographed the homes and families of persons who have reported close experiences with unidentified flying objects. As described, all of these photographers bore a striking physical resemblance to each other. They wore the same kind of clothing and arrived in identical vehicles. Until now they have not been mentioned in any newspaper or magazine. Their identity and purposes remain unknown.
To add to the mystery, these peripatetic cameramen managed to single out people who had not reported their UFO experiences to any newspaper or official agency. In some cases they had not even told their neighbors of what they had seen. Despite their total anonymity they somehow were tracked down by the "mystery men" shortly after their sightings.
As a professional reporter and full-time UFO investigator I have traveled many thousands of miles in the past two years and have uncovered many unusual cases which otherwise might have gone unnoticed and unrecorded. During my trips I frequently am approached by people who are afraid of publicity and hesitate to report their outlandish stories to the local authorities or to the Air Force. The misfortunes of former police officer Dale Spaur, one of the men who chased a UFO through two states in April 1966, were well-publicized (he lost his job and suffered marital troubles after his story was revealed) and few persons are willing to risk similar ridicule and anguish. There is self-imposed censorship on the part of many UFO witnesses, which has been the biggest barrier to my investigations. I sometimes spend days, even weeks, winning the confidence of such witnesses before they break down and tell me their complete story. Often they swear me to secrecy and make me promise to keep their identity and — in some cases — their location confidential. But I do have this full information in my files, together with tape recordings, photographs and affidavits. When I uncover anything in the witness' story or background which might make his or her story even slightly suspect I file the whole case in my "Uncertain" file and omit it from my reports.
Basically, I am concerned with the "Big Picture" ... the overall situation. Each new report adds a small piece to the massive puzzle. The incredible scope and continuous activity of unidentified flying objects in many areas seems unbelievable to newcomers to the field and overwhelms even hard-core UFO buffs who have convinced themselves of the validity of the oversimplified extraterrestrial explanation.
The truth may be that "flying saucers" are merely a symptom of the problem, a diversion to distract us from the many strange things occurring at ground level and often encompassing entire communities. The activities of the "mystery photographers" may be only one aspect, which has gone completely unnoticed by UFO buffs dedicated to collecting worthless information about the altitude and speed of foreign objects observed overhead.
In previous newspaper and magazine articles I have examined at length the many stories about the "Men in Black," those mysterious and unlikely characters first introduced in Gray Barker's controversial book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. At first I was willing to dismiss the MIB as the paranoid fantasy of UFO cultists, but in the past year I have spoken with many persons who claimed firsthand experience with these unidentified people (and who, incidentally, never had heard of Barker or his book).
For example, at 9:30 P.M. on the evening of September 30, 1967, I received a long-distance call from an anxious woman, the wife of a prominent politician, in New York state. This woman had called a few days before, after hearing me on a local radio program, to report a series of strange incidents involving a low-flying metal disk around her home in an isolated, wooded area. She had told her husband about it but he had refused to believe her. (Later I became quite involved in this woman's case and am convinced of her truthfulness. Her husband finally did believe her ... but that's another story.) She said that a large black car was parked directly outside her home while she was talking to me. She described the following action as it took place.
Two men got out of the car and proceeded to unlimber some kind of large camera. Both men were the same height, five feet nine inches tall, and both wore identical black suits, black turtleneck sweaters and broad-brimmed black hats. At first she thought they were priests of some kind, but there was something about them which frightened her. Their skin was dark and their features had an Oriental cast which seemed evil to her. When they failed to approach the house but merely busied themselves with their camera, she decided to call me. (Her husband was not home at the time.) As she spoke with me and described the scene, the two men proceeded to take pictures of her house, using some kind of pale red flashgun. (Remember, it was 9:30 P.M. and dark ... an odd time to take pictures.) After a few minutes they closed up their camera, got into their car and drove off.
I had heard this scene described many times before. Three men dressed in this same manner had turned up in West Virginia in the summer of 1967 and had been seen by several reliable witnesses. Two such men had been observed taking photographs of the homes of UFO witnesses in broad daylight on Long Island in June. That same month I responded to a series of strange phone calls urging me to go alone to an isolated spot on a back dirt road nearby. There I found a large black Cadillac containing two dark-skinned men in dark suits apparently waiting for me. They blinked their headlights at me and then slowly drove off. I followed them for several miles, until they went around a bend in the road in a heavily forested area and disappeared. I cruised around for several minutes trying to pick up their trail when suddenly they reappeared behind me and followed me! I stopped and started to get out of my rented car but they drove slowly on past me and again vanished. Apparently the whole episode was staged to convince me that the Men in Black really do exist. Their car bore no license plates. I attempted to take pictures of it but it was night and the photos did not come out.
Numerous witnesses on Long Island reported seeing the MIB and their black cars throughout the summer of 1967. In many of these cases the windows of the cars were described as being totally opaque ... a dark charcoal color which made it impossible for the witnesses to see the occupants. On several occasions these cars allegedly attempted to run down witnesses walking across the street. A large black car containing two men dressed in black also came within inches of colliding with a car driven by Mrs. Mary Hyre, a reporter for the Athens, Ohio, Messenger, in Point Pleasant, West Virginia., in September. Mrs. Hyre has carefully and meticulously investigated and reported upon the many UFO sightings in her area during the past year.
Sixty miles north of Point Pleasant, in Parkersburg, WV, a young family man from Belpre, Ohio, had a brief encounter with two black-garbed, Oriental-looking men on a main street in August. He said that they appeared confused or drunk (a common description) and seemed to have difficulty walking. When I interviewed him and his family in November, I learned that a mysterious car had pulled up in front of their home about two weeks before my visit and that a man in a black suit had apparently taken photos of their house with a large camera. Two of their neighbors also had witnessed this and corroborated their story. The unidentified photographer did not pay any attention to any of the other houses on the street.
In April, another Ohio man reported being pursued by a strange flying object while driving along Route 2 on the West Virginia side of the river. Months later, toward the end of October, he returned home from work to find a prowler in his apartment. The prowler was about five feet nine inches tall, dressed in black and carrying some kind of camera. He set off a flashgun which temporarily blinded the witness and escaped out the open door.
Individually, these stories are worthless. But I now have collected many of them from many different sections of the country, all containing the same remarkable details and all coming from ordinary, honest people who never connected these peculiar incidents with their UFO experiences. I also have made spot checks to determine if these photographers have approached non-UFO witnesses in the same areas. The results were negative.
Are these mysterious Men in Black part of a large, widespread organization engaged in obtaining information and photographs of people who have had close encounters with the UFOs?
In the majority of the cases I have investigated such people's claim they actually were pursued by the objects or were in the immediate vicinity of a brief landing or hovering operation. Since most of these people have remained voluntarily silent, as stated earlier, it is unlikely that any government agency could have known about their experiences. Indeed, my frequent visits to Washington, DC, and my close liaison with numerous agencies in government have convinced me that these "mystery men" can be in no way related to the Air Force or the United States government.
The Air Force has, in fact, issued an order to all commands urging Intelligence officers to be on the watch for these strangers. The MIB are openly violating several federal laws. Usually their cars do not bear any kind of license plates. In two cases in my files, the witnesses did see license plates and copied down the numbers. A police check revealed that the numbers were not in use ... such plates never had been issued! In another case, the witness reported seeing a black plate bearing a large gold "V" on the back of the car. A double "XX" also has been reported.
Why haven't the police ever spotted these cars?
I've checked with the police departments in West Virginia, Ohio, and Long Island where these vehicles have been seen and reported and found that no police officer has ever seen one of them.
The UFO mystery is filled with contradictions, coincidences and seemingly deliberate diversions. While it may appear the MIB are keeping careful tabs on people who have seen something special or who have been singled out by the objects (or by their occupants) for special attention, we should not overlook the possibility that these mystery men may serve no purpose other than to create side issues, to produce fear and confusion among witnesses and investigators.
We also should consider the close resemblance of the descriptions given of these men to the descriptions given of ufonauts by those who claim to have seen some. Witnesses such as John Reeves of Brooksville, Florida. Woodrow Derenberger of Mineral Wells, WV, and many others who have reported seeing the pilots of the "flying saucers" have described them as dark-skinned with Oriental features. In other words, do the people (?) said to be riding around in UFOs share the physical characteristics of the men riding around in black Cadillacs?
Perhaps it is time for us to reconsider the popular speculations about "flying saucers" and reexamine the somewhat baseless conclusion that they are of extraterrestrial origin. A much bigger game may be afoot here. Perhaps we have been deliberately misled into assuming they are not of this planet. There never has been any evidence, either physical or observational, to indicate that they come from elsewhere.
Actually all of the available evidence suggests that the objects are made of earthly materials and piloted by humanoid types not too dissimilar from ourselves. We may, in fact, be dealing with a subversive group who, like the Gypsies, are able to live among us unnoticed and isolated from our general society. The UFOs may be used only to transfer these unknown people from one surface point to another. The machines themselves, if they are machines, could have been manufactured centuries ago and might emanate from hidden bases located in isolated regions scattered around this planet. Certainly the massive number of historical sightings, going back thousands of years, indicates the UFOs always have been a natural part of our environment.
If the Men in Black do not represent our government — and I believe that they do not — then they must come from some other secretive group or organization directly related to the UFOs. And they are successfully infiltrating our cities and villages on a large scale. When an innocent citizen accidentally learns of their presence their representatives zero in on him or her, perhaps to prepare the way to silence the witness at some point in the future. They photograph the person's home and family. In many cases, they also tap the witness's telephone and, inexplicably, even tamper with his mail.
If these many witnesses were to relate their experiences to psychiatrists they probably would put them down as schizoid paranoiacs. It is only in the matching of the corresponding details from many such stories that we are forced to realize that we well may be dealing with something beyond an ordinary mental aberration. The late Captain Edward Ruppelt, one-time head of the Air Force's Project Blue Book, admitted that all such stories were automatically shoved into a massive "C.P." ("crackpot") file. Apparently it never occurred to the Air Force to study its "C.P." file for corroborating details.
Recently the heavy-handed F.B.I. moved in on three cases I had been investigating. I know they rejected one of these outright, classifying the witness — a distinguished man in his community — as a "nut."
The sober truth is that the United States government does not have any kind of law enforcement agency equipped with sufficient funds and trained personnel to investigate these matters properly. Air Force Intelligence operates on a very limited scale within the United States and it just hasn't got enough men — or enough authority — to investigate these cases. The C.I.A. has no authority at all within the continental United States ... it is devoted primarily to the collection of information. Further handicapping possible governmental investigation is the sad fact that very few of these witnesses are willing to report their experiences directly to an official agency. In most cases they do not even talk to their local police about it.
Early in the "saucer era" (following 1947), such witnesses were exposed to so much ridicule (with their sincere letters ending up in the Air Force's "crackpot" file) that succeeding witnesses became cautious and secretive.
Adding to the dilemma, the early UFO buffs who claimed to experience telephone interference and mail tampering hurled unfounded accusations at "the government" and an anti-government attitude blossomed in UFO research circles. Gradually this attitude rubbed off on the public at large and was further increased by the Air Force's stubborn and absurd "explanations" of many outstanding UFO sightings. Today the government has been completely cut off from its chief source of UFO information — the American public.
I am sure that for every case I have uncovered there must be hundreds more that have gone unreported to anybody. The Men in Black ... whoever they are, wherever they're from ... have been able to operate with impunity, without interference, secure in the knowledge that their victims never would talk for fear of being labeled "insane," or even if they did talk, that no one would believe them.
All of the witnesses I have interviewed have told me they felt there was something inherently "evil" about these Men in Black — something alien and dangerous. In a number of cases, people apparently have been drugged or hypnotized by the MIB and several have suffered amnesia and memory lapses after alleged face-to-face confrontations.
Perhaps all of this sounds like a bad plot from The Invaders TV series, but it seems to be very real. Experience and many in-depth interviews with bewildered people all over this country have convinced me that this is part of the elusive "secret" behind the "flying saucers." And perhaps only a small part at that. It has been kept from you not by the Air Force or government, but by the entities behind the UFO phenomenon itself

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